Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Book Review: Creative Mischief - Dave Trott

Dave Trott has always talked a lot of sense, in a very creative way. Much like good advertising should be. Creative Mischief, before I read it, was on my books to buy/steal list. Which also includes esteemed books such as: Bill Bernbachs book by Bob Levenson and When advertising tried harder by Lawrence Dobrow, to name just 2. But after reading it, its still on the list, because, well, I would like to read it again. I recommend you buy 2 highlighters as well, if that’s your thing, because one wont be enough, to highlight the whole book, and colour in the front cover. It really is that good, and not just in the advertising sense of things, life lessons also included. Stories from the industry, you name it. Its all very easy and quick to read too... Almost like a quick life guide. Immediately switches your brain from mundane mush, to ‘ah’ lets be interested and interesting today. Great read. Great book. And by what seems like a great guy.